Our Mission:

Empowering Excellence in Education

Laurel Oaks Academy empowers every student to take charge of their academic success and thrive! We help our scholars identify their gifts and abilities through diverse learning styles. We give every child the tools to succeed and the opportunity to excel academically in a creative, structured, and supportive culture to prepare them for their future and a good life.


Our Mission

Laurel Oaks empowers and educate all students to excel academically and thrive for success that prepares them for college, work, and life.

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Our Impact


All students can achieve academic success! We believe all students can achieve at high levels. We have two teachers in each classroom and have 60 minutes of tutoring and enrichment every day.



We are a nurturing, fun, & learning environment for all kids

Laurel Oaks provide a nurturing, fun, and learning environment for every child to thrive. We give them opportunities to be creative and stretch their imagination to make learning fun!


Of our kids return to Laurel Oaks because of the nurturing, family environment we give our kids. We care about all our families and want everyone to succeed.



are ready to achieve success

Students are Laurel Oaks are given the opportunity to excel above their own expectations. We enable every child to DREAM and DREAM BIG!!! We teach them that opportunities are given to empower and educate you. Knowledge is power regardless of your environment. Your mind is the key to your success.


Of our kids live in poverty stricken areas in Baton Rouge and will have the opportunity to be the first from their generation to graduate.



strong bond, stronger families

Our students at Laurel Oaks creates strong bonds with their teachers, staff, kids, and their families. We celebrate our kids with positive reinforcement to help them identify the differences between rewards and consequences. We assist our families with parenting skills and help them overcome life challenges to succeed in every area of life.


Teachers and staff love all our kids at Laurel Oaks and want every child to exceed above their own expectations!


Our Programs

Laurel Oaks provides all our kids with an opportunity to be creative in a fun, learning environment. Laurel Oaks teaches a range of courses in history, science, foreign language, and the arts. Our emphasis is in ELA, math, and science which is essential for building the foundation of early learning. We provide enrichment classes as a core component of our weekly schedule. Enrichment classes include art, yoga, dance, computer, Spanish class, and music education. We value music as a disciplined and creative pursuit that will benefit students throughout their lives.



From Kindergarten through 8th grade, we place a strong emphasis on literacy. Our young K-2 students move from “learning to read” to “reading to learn.” Our older students transition from comprehension to deep textual analysis, to make them strong readers and learners in high school and college.


We devote 90 minutes to math every day.  This means 1,800 minutes per month and 16,200 minutes a year. Math procedures and problem-solving skills are vital to the overall development of critical thinking skills, and they unlock access to compelling future subject area pursuits like physics and engineering.

physical education

Laurel Oaks provides physical education ranging from once a week to daily. We believe it is important for students to have the opportunity to move, collaborate, compete, and have fun.

tutoring & enrichment

Laurel Oaks offers tutoring or enrichment. We pull out to prepare our scholars in an one on one tutor sessions along with reading, math interventionist that ensure our students are proficient in all subjects. Specific courses vary, but include activities such as book club, phonics, foreign language, art, music, dance, computers, and sports. We also provide after school tutoring to assist our students who are struggling in reading and/or math or other subject areas.


september 4, 2017

They are great my kids are learning so much already the teachers are so patient and hands on with the students and parents.😍💞

january 20, 2017

My scholar is in Southern University and she is learning so much. Thanks to her wonderful teacher Mrs. Foli.

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Our Partners

Laurel Oaks Academy has established partnerships with key stakeholders in the community to support our school’s mission and program initiatives. We also look to partner with individuals, churches, companies, and organization that provide the same quality of services that we desire to offer our students and families.

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Laurel Oaks provides healthy meals for breakfast, lunch, and snack at no cost to all of our students. Our policies for media release and procurement for serving meals to students under the National School Lunch and School Breakfast Programs for the 2018-2019 school year. All students will be served lunch and breakfast at no charge.


Request for proposal

RFP are Proposal for Services submitted to Laurel Oaks Academy. Please contact the CEO, if you are interested in partnering with the school. Submit a proposal and learn more about our process by clicking below to contact us and schedule an appointment.


Partnership & procurement

Please check back for updates and future opportunities to work with Laurel Oaks.

Laurel Oaks is currently seeking business and partnership opportunities for the following:

  1. Commercial Licensed & Bonded Contractor

  2. Bus Transportation Company

  3. Food Service Management